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Danny Beveridge

I am a self-employed stone mason who resides and works from my property, “Billabong Rise”, located at Mount Crosby in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. As a child I grew up in the quiet farming community of Upper Brookfield in Brisbane where I learnt to appreciate hard working people and to understand that a good work ethic is important to living a fulfilling life. Every person in the community has a value that is based on not what they have but rather who they are.

My Training

I am a self-taught stone mason/bricklayer and from my early 20’s have been fascinated with the art of stone wall building. I have an extensive library on the technique of stone constructions and love the feel and texture of stone and the intricacies involved in fitting random stones together to create a beautiful stone wall, fireplace, pillar, etc. As my creative juices were still a little unfulfilled I took up painting as a hobby, oils being my preferred medium. I am a realist painter and you can view my gallery page for a sample of my art works. Painting however was not enough and I started to dabble in sculpting using the different mediums of wood and stone. It was at this time that I was privileged to work for and be mentored by a renowned Australian sculptor who resides in Kenmore, Brisbane. I have a strong interest in accurate representational beautifully finished sculptures. I do carve abstract works, however, as a traditionalist, prefer life like representations. The natural world is full of beauty and insight and so I try to capture its essence. My aim is for quality work at the highest of standards.